Taiwan Eterbright launches the World’s Highest-powered (360W) CIGS PV Module

eterbright 12/1/2017

During the past eight years since its establishment, Taiwan Eterbright has been devoted to equipment development, product design, and process improvement; and finally, launches the world’s most powerful (335W~360W) CIGS thin film solar modules, the CIGS 3000 series. Its conversion efficiency reaches as high as 15.3%, breaking the long existing business barrier of CIGS thin film solar products.

Because of its high wattage (360W), CIGS solar module has a significantly lower BOS cost and module cost per watt. And because of the contribution of Power Gain Factor, its Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE), i.e. the cost of every KWh, could be lower than the poly- and mono- crystalline.

High-powered (360W) CIGS solar modules light up the way toward the success of CIGS solar industry. We wish to lead and collaborate with the global CIGS industry. We, together with Solar Frontier from Japan, Solibro form Germany and Hanergy from China, aim to construct big high power modules for lower BOS and module costs, and connect equipment and material supply chains to pave the way for a new era of green industry.

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