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Cigs-2000A1 Series

High Performance Cd-Free CIGS

Thin Film Modules


CIGS Competitive Advantages

  • PID-free,LID-free
  • No microcrack problem
  • Less solder joints than C-Si
  • No glint/glare problem
  • Low shadow impact
  • RoHs compliant
  • Free of Lead, Cadmium, Tellurium, Arsenic


Linear Pmax. Performance Warranty C

Lowest Temperature Coefficient (-0.28%/)°C

In tropical areas i.e. desert regions, equatorial regions, subtropical regions or high temperature areas, CIGS module will be the only choice.

High Performance Cd-Free CIGS PV Technology Comparison of Normalized Efficiency

Eterbright Cd-Free CIGS PV performs better normalized efficiency under lower irradiance.

Module Drawing

Mechanical Specification

Electrical Specification

Power performance at STC (STC:1000W/m2,25°C/77°F,AM 1.5)*
Power performance at NOCT(NOCT:800W/m2,20°C/68°F,AM 1.5)*

*All STC characteristics are measured after pre-treatment of 43kWh/m2 light soaking.
Measurement uncertainty:(PMPP:+5%-3% ; lSC, VOC, lMPP, VMPP:±10%)

Temperature coefficients I-V curves at various irradiation
Properties for solar system construction design I-V curves at various irradiation

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