CIGS-2000A1 Series

High Performance CIGS Thin Film Modules


CIGS Competitive Advantages

  • PID-free, LID-free
  • No microcrack problem
  • Less solder joints than c-Si
  • No glint/glare problem
  • Low shadow impact
  • RoHS compliant
  • Free of Lead, Cadmium, Tellurium, Arsenic

Linear Pmax. Performance Warranty

Lowest Temperature Coefficient (-0.28%/)°C
In tropical areas i.e. desert regions, equatorial regions, subtropical regions or high temperature areas, CIGS module will be the only choice.

The Comparison of Normalized Efficiency between Eterbright CIGS and Others

Eterbright CIGS PV performs better normalized efficiency under lower irradiance.

Module Drawing

Mechanical Specification

Electrical Specification

Power performance at STC (STC:1000W/m2,25°C/77°F,AM 1.5)*
Power performance at NOCT(NOCT:800W/m2,20°C/68°F,AM 1.5)*

*All STC characteristics are measured after pre-treatment of 43kWh/m2 light soaking.
Measurement uncertainty:(PMPP:+5%-3% ; lSC, VOC, lMPP, VMPP:±10%)

Temperature coefficients
Properties for solar system construction design

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*The color of each individual product might be slightly different but does not affect the output power performance.

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